Wild West Show - Calgary, Alberta based. The Gunfighters Western Stunt Show
"All the world loves an outlaw,
for some damn reason they remember 'em.
- Jesse James
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ABOUT The Show...

All performances are 15 to 20 minutes in
length and include the following:

Live Western Stunt Show
Wild West Shootout
Studio Fight Scene
Stunts and Special Effects:
highfalls, explosions, body burns
(Site Permitting)
Crowd Participation

Rated G - Family Friendly

THE Plot

SCENES From The Show

Black Bart and his gang enter your function with a gunshot. They're out for vengeance. It seems someon has stolen their horses while they were robbing the bank. A guest is taken from the audience to pay the penalty for thieving.

With the crowds encouragement, Bart's boys try to hang this outlaw when another shot rings out. It's the local deputies charging in and releasing the outlaw.

In walks the Sheriff.

As the law tries to run Bart out of town, there's a scuffle. Then an all out brawl. Just when the dust settles a shoot out erupts leaving all dead, but Black Bart and the Sheriff.

One will live to tell the story...
Who is the quicker on the draw?



dramathe sheriff
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You won't be disappointed.
Miss Cindy

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